Cover Plugin

Cover plugin is an integration of Erlang cover tool with ErlIde. It provides a friendly graphical user interface that helps configuring and viewing coverage analysis for your project. That is how it simplifies a process of testing Erlang projects developed with ErlIde.

To learn more about cover click the following link Cover reference manual can be found here

Cover plugin was developed as a part of ProTest project by Erlang Solutions .


  • Providing coverage statistics (coverage ratio per function, module, source folder, project)
  • Marking coverage in the editor
  • HTML reports generation (HTML reports can be viewed both from Eclipse or can be exported and saved)
  • Saving and restoring coverage results
  • Browsing coverage marking for specified modules or functions
  • Opening items from statistics view

Cover plugin is meant to be integrated with any testing Plugin (EUnit, Common Test, QuickCheck) through Cover API plugin (for details see:

Implementation details

If you want to understand the source code go here


You can find examples how to use this plugin here

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