Installing and updating

  • Install Erlang R20 or later, if it isn’t already present on your system. On Windows systems, use a path with no spaces in it.
  • Install Eclipse. We target version starting with 4.9+.
  • If your network uses a proxy to connect to the internet, fill in the appropriate data in Window -> Preferences -> Install/Update -> Proxy settings
  • Install Erlide by going to Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install... -> Search for new features to install.
  • In the dialog, choose New remote site and enter Erlide as name and as URL.
  • Select Erlang IDE and maybe the optional add-ins. Press Next, again Next, accept the license agreement and Finish. You may be asked to agree to install unsigned content, do so.
  • Restart. Go to Window -> Preferences -> Erlang -> Installed runtimes and add an entry (or several) for your Erlang installation(s) of choice. The required parameters are the name and the path to the top level directory (i.e. $ERL_TOP). Now restart again.
  • Done! You’re ready to start exploring.

Update sites

NOTE that the update sites have a new domain. Older releases may be found at, but that place won’t be updated and will probably go away in the future.

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