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An IDE for Erlang, powered by Eclipse.

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  • Erlang/OTP 23 – 25
  • Java 1.8
  • Eclipse 4.9+

Manage projects

Navigator snapshot
  • create project wizard
  • create module with templates (for example gen_server, application)
  • track dependencies between projects
  • configure projects (source directories, test directories, etc)
Planned features
  • use rebar for configuration and build

Editing support

Editor snapshot
  • code syntax highlighting
  • show code structure in outline
  • search and navigation to definition/references of code elements
  • autocompletion for code elements
  • presentation of documentation from code and OTP
  • correct indentation of code
Planned features
  • show places where a function is called from (hierarchically)
  • pretty-print code
  • automated quick fixes for common errors

Tool integrations

Debugger snapshot
  • run and debug your code, with hot code reloading when the editor is saved
  • execute dialyzer on your projects
  • view and export edoc documentation
Planned features
  • tracing
  • observer

Many thanks to our friends and sponsors:

  • Ericsson
  • Erlang
  • Eclipse
  • Erlang Solutions
  • Structure101 - Tools to reduce the complexity of your codebase
  • JProfiler - award-winning all-in-one Java profiler