Launching Sourcer project

Sourcer is an Erlang scanner+parser tailored for use in tools that handle source code (like IDEs and refactoring tools), keeping track of the exact source code in the files and allowing for incomplete and malformed code. It was originally developed as part of erlide, but it is easier to handle and to get feedback if it is a separate project. As a matter of fact, I discovered many bugs, thinkos and other problems just by looking at the code as an independent entity.

Tip: Hover information shows HTML source?

Eclipse uses an embedded browser control to display nicely formatted documentation and hover information. Apparently Ubuntu 14.04.x comes with libwebkitgtk-3.0.0 pre-installed and this is NOT compatible with SWT.

Ended support for Eclipse 3.6

Starting today, we are no longer supporting Eclipse 3.6. The last version that does that is 0.21.0. The new target is 3.7.

Problems at first start

Erlide requires a functioning Erlang runtime, or it crashes and/or hangs the whole Eclipse. This can happen when starting for the first time in a workspace and we’re working to fix it.