Here you will see example how to quickly setup tracing.

1. Select nodes

Using Nodes tab specify which nodes you want to trace. If you have already started node from erlide simply click Add existing nodes to add this node and enable it checking checkbox in Enabled column. node selection

If you want to connect to an external node, start it with a long name and in the view use the full name, just like it is shown in the node’s shell prompt.

2. Set process flags

In Processes tab set which process should be traced (you can leave “all”) and set flags. To trace function calls set “call” flag. process flags

3. Add trace patterns

In Outline view right click on function you want to trace and choose from context menu: Tracing>Add to trace patterns. outline view

In “Functions” tab you will see your pattern: trace patterns

4. Start tracing

Start tracing clicking Start tracing icon: start tracing

5. Run your program and perform some action

6. Finish tracing clicking Stop tracing icon

stop tracing

7. In trace browser you will see results of tracing

tracing results

8. If you select results of tracing you will see all events in tree viewer

tracing results

You can open in editor function’s or module’s definition by double clicking on it’s name in tree viewer.

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