Building and distributing

Update sites

There are two update sites:

  • : contains all stable releases
  • : contains the release that will be promoted to stable once it passes acceptance tests. May be broken at times, but not for long.

Building Erlide

Since Erlide consists of two separate parts, in two separate repos, we need to build and release in two steps:

1. Build erlide_kernel

The Erlang part of the plugin is located in the erlide_kernel repo.

First build and generate a plugin archive for erlide_kernel:

cd <path to erlide_kernel repo>

# Build and test the Erlang modules
./build test

# Generate the plugin archive
cd eclipse

The result can be found at: <repo root>/eclipse/


We use the project update site to also publish the build dependencies. The project update site is deployed by the repo.

To publish a new version of erlide_kernel:

cd <path to erlide_kernel repo>

cd eclipse

This adds a commit to the update site which makes the release available from<VERSION>/.

2. Build erlide_eclipse

The Eclipse GUI part is located in the erlide_eclipse repo.

Update erlide_kernel version

The following files needs to be updated to use a new published erlide_kernel:


Update the version and the feature name.

Build and test

The makefile provides a default target to build and run all unit tests:


This target also creates a zip archive with the plugin (includes dependencies) at: releng/

which can be used to install the plugin in Eclipse.

Publish release

To publish the plugin to the update site run:

make publish

This adds a commit to the update site which makes the release available from

Publish documentation

To publish the documentation from plugins/* run:

make publish-docs

This adds a commit to the repo which updates the documentation available at

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