Navigating through the code

There are several ways to find what you are looking for in a code base.

  • Ctrl-Shift-M open module

    Opens a dialog where you can start entering the name of the module you want to open. Usually a few characters are enough, select it from the list and press enter.

  • Ctrl-Shift-R open resource

    Same thing, but works for any file (text, java, asn1, idl or whatever).

  • Ctrl-H search

    The Erlang search lets you search for functions/records/macros, as references, definitions or both.

  • Ctrl-G and Ctrl-Shift-G find references/definitions

    Shortcuts for searching references and definitions for the element at the cursor, in the current editor.

  • F3 and Ctrl-click open definition

    Go directly to the definition of the element at the cursor.

  • Ctrl-O quick outline

    Opens a module outline where you can start typing to filter the elements you are interested in.

  • Ctrl-F, Ctrl-J, Ctrl-Shift-J text search

    Textual search in the current file. The latter two perform incremental search for the current selected text or if none, for text being entered.

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