Erlang is an open-sourced concurrency-oriented programming language, developed by Ericsson. It has proven itself in many industrial applications as a powerful tool. With erlide we want to boost programmer efficiency even more.

We are proud to announce the latest version and offers the following features:

  • Works with Eclipse 3.8+, Java 1.6+ and Erlang R15B+ and later.
    Support for Erlang/OTP 18.0 is implemented .
    Note that only v0.29.1 and later work with Eclipse 4.4 Luna.
    The last version supporting Eclipse 3.7 is 0.29.5.
  • Project management

    • create project wizard
    • create module with templates (for example gen_server, application)
    • dependencies between projects
      • defined with in the project properties
      • understands emake, rebar
    • configure projects (source directories, test directories, etc)
  • Backend management

    A backend is an Erlang runtime that can be used by erlide.
    • define and configure; projects can choose any as baseline
  • Editor support

    • code syntax highlighting
    • show code structure in outline
    • search and navigation to definition/references of
      • modules
      • functions
      • records and record fields
      • macros
      • variables
    • autocompletion for code elements (same as above)
    • automated quick fixes for common errors
    • presentation of documentation on hover and in special view
    • from comments and -spec
    • for OTP libraries, from the official documentation
    • templates for code constructs, for example ‘case’, ‘try’, ‘receive’, user defined
    • show places where a function is called from (hierarchically)
    • integration with Wrangler for refactoring support
    • correct indentation of code
    • pretty-print code
    • understand parse transforms in the editor
    • edoc exporter (under File → Export... )
  • Compilation

    • build project
      • internal builder uses a dedicated backend
      • understands emake, rebar
      • can use external make script
    • compile just one module
  • Running/debugging code

    • launch Erlang node with current projects loaded
    • console view with syntax highlighting
    • use Eclipse debugger on the code (stacktrace, current variables, breakpoints); works on remote nodes too
    • “live expressions”: user defined expressions that are evaluated each time code is changed, making debugging less needed
    • run tests and show the results (eunit, common test)
    • support for bt_erl
    • configure and display tracing information
    • configure and display coverage information
    • replay a trace captured from the debugger
  • Integration with OTP and third party tools

    • debugger
    • dialyzer
    • observer
    • etop
    • mnesia table viewer
    • eunit
    • common test
    • wrangler
    • refactorErl
    • rebar

A list of the user-visible changes is in the change log.